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Title: Count to Eight
Word Count: 328 words
Pairing/s: Chinen Yuri x Kawashima Umika
Summary: Chinen forgot about their 1st anniversary.
Rating: G
Genre: Fluff. I tried okay.
- You can ignore. But I basically wrote this for urufuchinen
- The idea was from Sleeping Forest IDEK why I am currently watching a 1998 jdrama but I am orz


"You came" I said to her when she arrived at the rooftop.

"Of course I would. Ready to repent for your sins now, mister?" she's really mad at me for forgetting about this day - our 1st anniversary.

"Close your eyes" I ordered.


"Just close them, and count to eight."

I started counting.

"1, 2" I began.

"3, 4" I already hear some rustling sound.

"5, 6" Footsteps.

"7" The sounds stopped.

"8" By the time I opened my eyes, he's already gone.


"What is this?" I cried out loud. "You told me to go all the way up here to just disappear?!"

"No, I didn't disappear" he said, arms wrapping me from behind. "I did that to make you feel what I felt back at the room with you ignoring me, glaring at me, and suddenly walking away from me."

"But you deserved it!" I protested, still not moving from my place.

After a few minutes of silence, he spoke "Did you know that a scientist researched about the real span of 'present'?"

I didn't answer but he continued "Eight seconds. The present consists of only eight short seconds."

"What are you trying to say?" I asked.

"I'm saying that the moment you decided to be mad at me, My time temporarily stopped. You are my present after all."

I smiled then frowned, immediately removing myself from his embrace. "Only your present?" I asked facing him.

"We only live in the present." He instantaneously answered. Jerk.

"But," he continued "eight seconds accumulated could become the past and the future." I smiled then. He was never direct with his confessions.


"So am I forgiven?" I asked.

"Still doesn't explain why you'll forget about today." she answered.

"I'm sorry about that. It's just that I can't possibly keep track of the supposedly important days when I spend every possible eight seconds with you."

"Just...promise to keep track next time, okay?" And with that, I know I just won her back.
Tags: fictype: drabble, genre: fluff, hbd \o/, pairing: chinen/umika, ♥ URUFU: the ultimate sleeper XD
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